Guided Tour

Take a Walk on the Wildside! Get up-close and personal with some of our animal residents. Learn intriguing animal facts and personal stories about the animals you encounter from one of our knowledgeable (and fun) YRWS Keepers. These two-hour-long guided tours include YRWS admission, two animal encounters, feed cups for everyone in your group, plus, a guaranteed chance to feed the bison from their new platform.


If you have questions about Walk on the Wildside tours, please email

*Masks are required during Guided Tours. If you do not have a mask we will gladly provide one.

Tour Details

Animals are like humans – they have good days and bad days. To ensure your Walk on the Wildside is everything you hoped for, the animals available to choose from will be on rotation. During morning feedings and rounds, we’ll judge which animals are best suited for tours that day. This allows them to avoid feeling stressed and for you to enjoy the most interaction – including safe feeding and petting when possible. Some of the animals in the program include:
  • null


    Yes, you can pet them!

  • Kinkajou Guided Tour


    Safely feed from a skewer!

  • Bears Guided Tour


    Safely feed these beautiful bears!

  • Fluffy the porcupine at Yellow River Wildlife Sanctuary


    Don’t be afraid, he’s very sweet!

  • Red Ruffed Lemur Guided Tour


    Safely feed from a skewer!

  • Lynx Guided Tour


    Feed Koshka with a skewer!

  • Sulcatas Guided Tour at Yellow River Wildlife Sanctuary


    Feed the giant Sulcatas a treat!

  • Spider Monkey Guided Tour


    Safely feed from a skewer!

  • Ring-tailed Lemur Guided Tour


    Safely feed from a skewer!

  • Racoons Guided Tour at Yellow River Wildlife Sanctuary


    Safely feed with a skewer!

You are welcome to enjoy the entire sanctuary before or after your Walk on the Wildside, just be sure to meet your tour guide at your reserved time outside of the Gift Shop on the back deck. Please remember to always follow posted signs and respect our safety rules. If you have any questions, please email



Flat rate for groups of up to 5. Children 2 and under are free.


For each additional person.


Please note that Yellow River Wildlife Sanctuary is an outdoor venue. You may cancel your tickets, for any reason, online or call us before your reservation time for a full refund.

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